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What we do

MarketPlace Integration

Get access to new sale channels and offer your products to millions of customers. Publish your products in Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc... We have more marketplaces integration than anyone in Europe, LATAM and USA.


Sell your products in more than 50 countries all over the world. Japan, Australia, LATAM? No problem, we have the best warehouse & logistic partnerships to sell and send products in each country.


Want to integrate brick&mortar shops in your digital strategy? We have solutions for "pickup in store","ship from store","buy from store" and more! QaShops is the key to the new OmniChannel era in retail.


Access to new customers and optimize your distribution operation through a B2B channel. Sell more, spend less. Catalog, Order Processing, WareHouse Picking, everything connected and automated.

Want to take your retail distribution strategy to the next level?

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How we do it

Catalog Management

Advanced Product and Digital Catalog Management tools. Our collaborative cloud tools and services, allows to create and maintain and share your product catalog easily.

Warehouse & Picking

DropShipping, CrossDocking, Pickup from store? We have and advanced cloud technology that can scale your warehouse to the new market needs.


We connect your company with new sell channels. We can integrate with almost every ERP or MRP to synchronize stock, pricing and orders.


Everything is automated in QaShops. Catalog, Stock, Pricing, Orders, Customer Support, etc.. we have managed to make everything works fast and reliable.